And so, with those stupid words you use to say there’s no more option but to ignore you.

Maybe you don’t care about what I feel when you refer to me with those expression, those word that make me feel angry, frustrated, and sad… Is not only that… You use to talk without thinking and stick your nose in what you really don’t care, in things that does not affect you. What if I don’t do things you say that are “a must to do“? What if I don’t eat what I need to? Is my problem if I don’t eat, save, say, make, act in those matters, isn’t it? And even if those words are just for jokes and for making me angry, they hurt me just because they came out of your mouth…

I don’t care if you stay inhere anymore. Just go, and let the time repair what you have done this whole time… And let me say these last words for you, just in case you don’t return:

I will really miss you my dearest friend,

I do love you like no other friend ever loved you.

But I have to be strong for myself…

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